Stove Use Monitoring System (SUMS)

We leveraged a decade of experience with cookstove monitoring and evaluation to build Geocene SUMS. Streamline your cookstove monitoring and evaluation program in the field, in the office, and across the globe.

Quality data collection in the field starts with Geocene SUMS.

Most cookstove monitoring projects utilize generic loggers prone to data loss from overheating, dead batteries, and incorrect installation. Geocene SUMS are purpose-built to easily track cookstove adoption, even in the harshest environments.

Collect Better Data

Other loggers lack the ease-of-use, battery life, and storage capacity needed for cookstove monitoring projects. Geocene’s Loggers can operate for over a year using easy-to-replace AAA batteries.

Simplify Data Analysis

Collect beautifully-organized data from Geocene SUMS using Bluetooth and the Geocene App. Once the app connects to the internet, your data will be synced, analyzed, and displayed on Geocene Analytics.

Reduce Risk of Data Loss

Geocene SUMS is engineered for indoor and outdoor use across climates both wet and dry, hot and cold. Our probes can handle extreme temperatures and can be placed directly in the firebox.

Minimize In-Field Workload

Other loggers require laptops and special dongles. Data organization, storage, and analysis are not automated. Download the app, gather data, then sync and view processed data online.

Streamline data analysis with machine learning.

Geocene SUMS streamlines data analysis by removing the physical, network, and staff training challenges that cookstove monitoring projects face. Using a decade of experience in the field, we build Geocene SUMS from the ground up to make monitoring and evaluation accessible to anyone.

Streamlined Data Analytics

Organizing tens of thousands of CSVs into “cooking events” can take months. Geocene SUMS utilizes machine learning to help your analysts. No coding or data science knowledge required.

Reduce Errors With Automation

Misnaming, incomplete information, and other human errors can slow down or block analysis altogether. Geocene SUMS limits the opportunity for tagging and metadata errors.

Monitor Any Cookstove

With multiple probe designs, Geocene SUMS can monitor any kind of cookstove including LPG, three-stone fires, traditional, improved biomass, and electric cookstoves.

Real-Time Project Feedback

Track and fix errors faster and more effectively. Geocene SUMS lets your team improve the quality of the study and the effectiveness of the data collected as it is being collected.