Geocene Analytics™

Organize, visualize, and analyze your data online using powerful machine learning tools. Automatically sync data from Geocene Loggers™ or upload from other sources.

Geocene Loggers™

Geocene’s line of rugged and elegant data loggers. Choose from our selection or work with us to define your own custom Geocene Logger™ to suit your needs.

Geocene Mobile App

Manage fleets of thousands of Geocene Loggers™ seamlessly. Define custom filterable tags, preview data, create dynamic surveys, and organize rich metadata.


Custom Solutions from Our Hardware, Software, and Data Science Experts

Geocene’s existing products don’t meet your needs? Geocene has the expertise to build a custom device, app, or analytics solution for you. From concept design to production, Geocene is here to help.

Hardware Engineering

From circuit boards to injection molding, our team will help get your new hardware project off the whiteboard and into your hands.

Software Engineering

Let our expert software engineers build a software solution for your data collection and analysis project. Backends, frontends, apps, and APIs — we build the tools you need to collect the data you care about.

Data Science

If you’re finding yourself lost in your data, our world-class data science team will help you organize, analyze, and present your results clearly.