Geocene Analytics

Transform Your Data Into Knowledge With Our Machine Learning Tools.

Sort billions of data points and thousands of files using easy tagging and filtering. Whether your data was automatically synced from Geocene Loggers™ or manually uploaded from another data logger, you can easily browse and analyze data with Geocene Analytics™. No coding or data science knowledge required!

Easily Browse Billions of Data Points

Browse through thousands of files of raw data and billions of data points from the Geocene Analytics™ dashboard.

User-Defined Machine Learning

Quantify the spikes, dips, wobbles, and thresholds you care about by training a Geocene Machine Learning Model.

Streamline Your Analysis With Automation

Highlight interesting events. Then let Geocene Analytics™ automatically find and summarize similar events for you.

Data Integration with R and Python

Use R or Python libraries to easily pull Geocene Analytics™ data for use in your own application.

Share Your Data However You Like

Your data belongs to you. Simply download your data from Analytics™ or connect your data to another service with the Geocene API.

Dynamic Filtering and Drill Down

Find your data quickly and efficiently. Easily define your own filters with Geocene’s dynamic filtering and drill down tools.
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Connecting Data to Analytics

While data from almost any data source can be uploaded to Geocene Analytics™, we’ve specially built Geocene Loggers™ to automatically sync to Analytics. Our loggers do the hard work or organizing your data so you can focus on more important things.