Geocene Loggers

Bluetooth Enabled Data Loggers that Cleanly Collect and Connect Your Data.

Tired of searching for data across spreadsheets and emails? Keep your data organized with rich metadata, geotags, and always-accurate timestamps. Upload your data seamlessly by auto-syncing to Geocene Analytics™ with the Geocene Mobile App.

Geocene Temperature Logger™

Using thermocouple probes, you can record temperature data from the coldest cryogenics to the hottest flames.

Geocene Amp Logger™

Clamp around any wire to measure electrical current. Track usage of appliances and estimate power or energy consumption.

Geocene Watt Logger™

Log real power, energy, voltage, current, power factor, and harmonic distortion. Works for AC or DC electricity.

Bluetooth and Mobile App Enabled

With traditional data loggers, sometimes the only hint about where data came from is encoded in the names of files, folders, even emails and hand-written notes! Geocene Loggers™ pair with the Geocene Mobile App to seamlessly collect sensor data and metadata. All your data is organized on the app and synced directly to Geocene Analytics

Need To Customize Your Logger?

Geocene’s hardware design experts will help you create your own Logger. With custom loggers, you can collect and connect your specific data to Geocene Analytics™. We’ve already got the mobile app, cloud software, and analytics you need, so don’t reinvent the wheel. Create your next data logger with Geocene.