Mobile App

At Geocene, we don’t think you should have to carry a laptop and special cables to connect with data loggers. The Geocene Mobile App runs on your phone, connects to your Geocene devices using Bluetooth, and syncs all of your data to Geocene Analytics™.


The Geocene Mobile App is your tool to interact with Geocene Loggers™. Use the Geocene Mobile App to start, stop, and download data from your devices. While you’re at it, you can add rich metadata to your logged data.  Add filterable tags (e.g. city:denver, building:b52, stove_type:natural_gas) to sort through your data at a later time.


Have a big team of technicians or field workers? Invite as many people as you like to your organization. Once they download the app, they can connect to your Geocene Loggers™, then download and sync beautifully-organized and structured data to Geocene Analytics™.


Download the Geocene Mobile App on Google Play Now.