Watt Logger™

Upgrade your data collection to the modern, cloud-connected era. Coordinate deployment of fleets of data loggers, streamline data collection, and sync your data with the Geocene Mobile App. Then browse, organize, and analyze your data online with Geocene Analytics.

About the Geocene Watt Logger – The Geocene Watt Logger is for the serious power monitoring. Achieve 1% or better accuracy logs of real power, energy, voltage, current, power factor, and harmonic distortion. Works for AC or DC electricity. Deploy and collect data from one or thousands of points of interest with the Geocene Watt Logger.

  • App-connected to help coordinate deployment of as few as one or up to thousands of Geocene Loggers
  • Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled
  • Optional geotagged data
  • Gather both electricity data and survey metadata
  • Compatible with AC or DC power systems
  • Extremely accurate power metrics about AC or DC appliances, microgrids, or consumer behavior
  • Works with any plug style, connector, or bare wires
  • 0 A to 15 A range (AC RMS or DC amps)
  • 12 V to 240 V range (AC RMS or DC volts)
  • Collect accurate data on real power, energy use, voltage, current, power factor, and harmonic distortion
  • Store 196,000 samples on-board
  • User-selectable sampling rate
  • Water resistant
Product Specs

AC/DC Current Range 0 A to 15 A (RMS or DC)
AC/DC Voltage Range 12 V to 240 V (RMS or DC)
Accuracy ±0.5% typical (±1% max)
Battery None (line powered)
Environmental Protection IP65
Sampling Interval user-selectable in 1-second increments from 1 second to 1 hour
Storage 196,608 samples

  • At 10-minute sample interval, memory full after 3.7 years
  • At 1-minute sample interval, memory full after 4.5 months
  • A 1-second sample interval, memory full in 2.3 days
Operating Temperature -40°C to 60°C
Connection Customer-specified plug and receptacle pigtails or bare wire glands with internal screw terminals.
AC Plug Types All standard plug types supported including all American, Asian, and European standards.
DC Plug Types All standard DC plug types supported including MC4 (solar panels) and Anderson SB50 (DC appliances and equipment).

Mobile App Enabled

Streamline data collection with the Geocene App.  Easily sync your collected data to Geocene Analytics™, where you can view, organize, and analyze your data.

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